About Us

Our Mission

Incorporating bedside ultrasound curriculum into undergraduate medical education provides medical students with diagnostic tools to help them provide care that is timely, affordable, and patient-centered. As students move forward through clerkships, residencies, rotations, and into future practice, they will have skills to help make their physical exam more robust. Our hope is to empower new physicians with an understanding of ultrasound’s paradigm-shifting impact on point of care medicine. We seek to promote both practical skills for future physicians to incorporate into everyday care of patients and provide a forum to drive the next discoveries in the field.

Our Story

Ultrasound interest groups began appearing in medical schools across the country as the value of physicians trained in ultrasound continue to expand into various modalities. The group has promoted competency-based education based on a flipped classroom. All our sessions are practical and include hands-on time with both live models and phantom simulations.  One of the most important events we host is called Ultrafest. A free ultrasound symposium for students to get exposure to industry pioneers, and to provide focused sessions of hands-on time with state of the art ultrasound equipment.  Colorado Ultrasound Interest Group (COUSIG) is a collaboration between Rocky Vista University(RVU) and Colorado University(CU) students and faculty.

Ultrafest 2015 Organizers

A small dedicated group of students began COSIG in 2014, and quickly built enough interest between the schools to host an Ultrafest event of their own. Today we continue this tradition of monthly hands-on skill sessions, open scanning sessions, and a journal club. We supplement the ultrasound curriculum already integrated into both RVU and CU’s 4-year curriculum. Our events give students the opportunity to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their ultrasound examinations.